In Poland, forensic evidence can be submitted in various formats, including written documents, photographs, and audio or video recordings. However, there are specific rules regarding the admissibility of evidence.

Anyway, it is up to the judge to decide whether to accept an audio recording as evidence in a particular case.

Today we are going to talk about audio or video file transcribing.

Therefore, if an audio recording is to serve as forensic evidence, it must meet specific criteria. For example, it should be relevant to the case and not have been obtained illegally. The authenticity of the recording also needs to be established, and that can be done through witness testimony or forensic analysis.

It should be noted that using audio recordings as evidence at court hearings may be complex. It is, therefore, advisable to consult a legal professional for advice on correctly presenting audio recordings as evidence before a Polish court.

It is important to make a „role division” during the audio or video transcription. Role division is the identification of the different speakers or participants in the recording and their roles or positions.

This is especially important in recordings that involve more than one speaker or participant, such as interviews, meetings or focus groups. Identification of speakers and their roles helps ensure the accuracy and usability of the final transcript.

As well it can also be essential to include timestamps or time codes to indicate when each speaker begins and ends their turn in the conversation. This helps to follow the conversation flow and accurately assign each statement to the appropriate speaker.

In addition, you should consider the importance of each emotion, tone of voice and multiple extraneous in these transcriptions. These details can provide a critical context for the words spoken and help accurately communicate the intention and meaning of speakers. Any inaccuracies or omissions in these transcripts can have serious consequences, which may affect the outcome of the case.

And finally, we would like to make you happy with our transcribing template, which you can download here.